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our quality assurance

All of our contact lenses, whether they are prescription or non-prescription colored contacts are manufactured in the UK. You may have heard of cheap Chinese imitation lenses from joke shops being bad for your eyes and that can be true. That's why we can guarantee that 100% of our lenses are the highest quality, UK manufactured and FDA approved.

next day delivery

Need your colored contacts fast? We have next day delivery options for our entire range, so whether you live in the UK or US, you can receive your lenses the very next day. Never worry about shopping for your Halloween contacts at the last minute again!

amazing colored contacts

We not only have the highest quality range of colored contacts in the world, we also have the biggest range of colored contacts, natural lenses and halloween contacts in the world. Need lenses for a special occasion? Contact us for custom prints of any design you like.


    It came as no surprise that of all the natural colored lenses here on Crazy Lenses, that blue contacts are the most popular style. Yep, in fact 46% of all natural colored purchases are for blue lenses! Maybe the reason our range of blue contacts are so sought-after are because blue eyes are said to be the most desirable of all the eye colors. Did you know, that when we are babies, we are most likely born with deep blue irises, but within a couple of weeks, the majority of babies’ eyes change color to brown, hazel or green.
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  • Alice Through The Looking Glass
    Alice Through The Looking Glass

    As far as major blockbusters go, the upcoming release of Alice Through The Looking Glass is the one we’re most excited for. In the sequel to the hugely successful Alice In Wonderland, this time directed by James Bobin, we are once again invited into the magical, fantastical underworld as Alice...

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  • Halloween Contact Lenses and Costume Ideas
    Halloween Contact Lenses and Costume Ideas

    When the days get darker and the temperature drops, at least there’s one thing to look forward to; Halloween! If like us, you love getting dressed up for the biggest party night of the year (sorry New Year’s Eve, but you’re always a bit of a let down to be honest) then you’ve come to the right place...

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