Finally! October is here and Halloween is just around the corner. We can’t wait to see you all wearing your Halloween contact lenses and spooky outfits. What will you go as this year? It’s a big decision that’s for sure, which is why we’re on hand to provide inspiration in this devilishly exciting time.

We’ve compiled the top 5 Halloween contact lenses to make your job a little easier when deciding what to go as! Take inspiration from these amazing Halloween make-up looks (link to content) or go all out and be as creative as possible.


White Contact Lenses

The no.1 bestselling and favorite Halloween contact lenses EVER are white contacts. It’s easy to see why, as white contact lenses are piercing, creepy and perfect for so many outfits.

Going as a cat? Try this white cat eye contacts.

Going as a zombie? These white manson contacts are one of our best sellers. They’re awesome!


Red Contact Lenses

Obviously red contact lenses are in the top 5 for Halloween contacts. From devil to vampire, having red eyes for the night will instantly make your outfit creepier and scarier!

These Volturi red contact lenses are one of our best selling Halloween lenses.

These blood splat contacts are also perfect for a zombie look - or a serial killer!


Cat Eye Contact Lenses

The best thing abut dressing up as a cat for Halloween is you can rock this outfit, whatever your budget! Of course, the most important and effective touch for your Halloween cat is to wear some cool, slit cat-eye contacts.

These yellow lenses are the purrrrfect choice.


Black Contact Lenses

For the ultimately scary Halloween look, black out contact lenses are your go to for a simple but instantly effective creepy glare. These work perfectly for Witches, Vampires and Zombies. Which one will you be?


Werewolf Contact Lenses

Whether you’re channeling Twilight or just want a animalistic look for Halloween this year; these bestselling Werewolf contact lenses are in our Top 5 for this year.

So what will you go as this year? Tag us in your amazing Halloween looks on Instagram and Facebook! We can’t wait to see your creepy costumes.