As far as major blockbusters go, the upcoming release of Alice Through The Looking Glass is the one we’re most excited for. In the sequel to the hugely successful Alice In Wonderland, this time directed by James Bobin, we are once again invited into the magical, fantastical underworld as Alice (Mia Wasikowska) heads out on a mission to save the Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp) from the loss of his ‘Muchness’.

On her quest to save the Mad Hatter, Alice is sent by the white Queen (Anne Hathaway) to borrow the Chronosphere, a metallic globe inside the chamber of the Grand Clock. It’s here that she meets Time itself, played by Sasha Baron Cohen; a mysterious creature that is part human, part clock.

Of course, with an all star cast the make-up, color contacts and special effects of Alice Through The Looking Glass are absolutely first class and dressing up as any of the character is a great choice for Halloween 2016.

Here’s how to get each of the main character’s looks:



Alice’s look is that of sweetness and innocence. In the traditional Disney film, Alice has big, blue eyes but in the modern film, Alice has hazel eyes.

Get either look with our Blue Contact Lenses or range of Hazel Contacts.

Alice in wonderland

The Mad Hatter

If you want to put everyone else’s Halloween costumes to shame this year, then The Mad Hatter is an amazing look you can easily try for yourself!

The Mad Hatter’s wild eyes totally complete his crazy persona. This look can be achieved with contrasting colored contact lenses, both cosplay lenses and orange lenses work prefectly!

Check out this great tutorial by Beauty Blogger Storm Design FX on how to do the perfect Mad Hatter make-up for Halloween

The Mad Hatter costume

The White Queen

Be ethereal and enchanting as the White Queen, with Anne Hathway’s glamorous look. This is a real disney princess style costume, with subtle make-up that focuses around her deep, dark eyes.

For your own spin on this look, coordinate a white costume with a chosen colour such as pink, blue or purple and match your contact lenses to this accent colour.


The Cheshire Cat

Like The Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cat is a fun and colourful character that’s perfect for Halloween. Whether you make a DIY costume using purple morph suits, or find the perfect Cheshire Cat outfit online, complete the look with a crazy cat eye lens



As a new character in the film, Time is part human and part clock which makes him a very unique character to dress up as for Halloween! We love the piercing blue contact lenses worn by Sasha Baron Cohen in the film.


The Queen Of Hearts

The Queen of Hearts might just be the most sinister character of all the Disney films. The ultimate psycho, she looks cute and fluffy but will demand your head if you so much as look at her wrong! Helena Bonham-Carter’s portrayal of The Queen Of Hearts is wild and extravagant, yet her make-up and eyes are a quite simple look to achieve.

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Which Alice Through The Looking Glass character do you like best and who would you dress up for Halloween as this year? Leave us a comment below!