When the days get darker and the temperature drops, at least there’s one thing to look forward to; Halloween!

If like us, you love getting dressed up for the biggest party night of the year (sorry New Year’s Eve, but you’re always a bit of a let down to be honest) then you’ve come to the right place for some devilishly good Halloween costume ideas and inspiration.

Whether you’re looking to be scary, funny or ironic, here are our pick of the best Halloween costumes for Halloween 2016.

The best Halloween costumes for Halloween 2016


Witches have been the subject of Halloween tales for centuries and have also taken many different forms over the years. The combination of a pointy black hat, broomstick and black cat for company is the most popular variation of a witch costume, but why not make yours even more unique with green face make up (such as the wicked witch of the west) and perhaps some glitter… Who says witches have to be evil?

The Eye Fusion witch contact lenses available in many different colors will truly complete your look.

Witch Halloween contact lenses


The devil is believed to be the personification of evil in many religions and cultures worldwide. Red horns, red trident and red eyes are the main features of the devil influenced by folk customs and beliefs, which makes it quite an easy costume to choose for Halloween if you’re in need of a budget friendly option.

The devil is in the detail (pardon the pun!) and that’s why red color contact lenses are a MUST have if you’re channeling satan this Halloween.

Check out our Devil printed contacts. You could even have the eye of Sauron, for a really evil effect.

Red eye devil contact lenses


The great thing about dressing up as the walking dead, is that you can go as crazy or budget friendly as you like! Make sure you use lots of fake blood and grey body paint to really finish off your gruesome zombie look.

Zombie Tip: Wear white contacts for a scary and menacing glare!

zombie halloween contacts

Creepy Doll

Be the most terrifying and preciously cute person at the party with a creepy halloween doll costume. You can put your make-up skills to the test to create a glossy, doll-like appearance with great big blue eyes using these blue color contact lenses.

Creepy doll halloween custom makeup

The Joker

Waistcoat, check. Wild hair, check. White face paint with a wide, red menacing smile, check! Your Joker Halloween costume is almost complete, but don’t forget the Eye Fusion Black out contact lenses for an even creepier effect…. why, so serious?

The joker costume lenses

The Grady Twins

Coordinating your Halloween outfit with a friend? Why not go as the Grady Twins… aka the creepy dead twins from the shining.

All you need is a friend, matching blue dresses, white colored contact lenses and lots of fake blood.

The grady twins halloween costume

Dead Disney Characters

If none of the above Halloween costumes float your ghost, then maybe you’re looking for something a little more unique. Well can you get any creepier than a dead disney character? Transforming one of your favourite childhood characters into dead zombie Halloween creatures is the ultimate costume for this year!

Dead Disney Halloween Costumes


This is a really easy Halloween costume for when you’re on a budget. All you need is black leggings, a black long sleeve top and white paint. Give the classic skeleton costume an evil twist with blood red contact lenses and don’t forget the face paint!

Skeleton Halloween costume


No Halloween would be complete without a Vampire roaming around looking for its next victim. Get a pair of vampire fangs, and wear white face paint or a light foundation to make yourself really pale (and dead) looking. Complete the look by dribbling some fake blood down the side of your mouth and wear either black or red color contact lenses. If you're a channeling a vampire that has been turned recently, use dark eyeliner to draw two holes on your neck. Muahahahaa!

Vampire Red coloured contact lenses

Derek Zoolander

Thick black wig, check! Cheekbones drawn on with eyeliner, check! Piercing blue contacts, check! You’re almost ready as Derek Zoolander, now you just have to perfect your Blue Steel pout.

Zoolander Contact Lenses


Ok so this one might not be scary, but Pikachu is super cute and will definitely have you standing out from the crowd! Make your own DIY Pikachu costume with yellow felt, yellow clothes and red face paint for your cheeks.

Pikachu coloured Contact Lenses

Cruella De Vil

If she doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will! For the Cruella look, wear a long black dress with white faux fur stole. You can either get a black and white wig, or if you’re feeling daring; spray paint your hair with colored hair spray for her signature checker box hair do. Finish your Cruella costume with some black out contacts for a really sinister glare.

Cruella De Vil black out lenses


For a truly eye catching Halloween costume, go as Mystique from X men. This outfit is pretty simple, all you need is (a lot) of blue body and face paint, a reg wig and yellow contact lenses.

Mystique yellow eye lenses


If you’re wearing contact lenses for halloween, dispose of them after use - don’t save them for next year!

Don’t share your contact lenses with friends as you could risk getting an eye infection.

Read our Beginner’s Guide To Color Contacts for tips and advice on how to put them in.

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