Since we launched the Crazy Lenses website, we’ve been so inspired by the amazing photos and videos we’ve been tagged in from our customers. You guys are simply amazing at putting awesome looks together using your color contacts and we’ve been especially impressed with the amount of bloggers, youtubers and make-up artists that are hugely talented and creative! That’s why we’re launching the Crazy Beautiful Eyes competition, which is running throughout December and January for all you amazing bloggers, Youtubers and Make-up artists.

We want you to create a party look that makes your eyes really stand out, so you can get creative with your make-up palettes and show off your perfect eyeliner flick. Of course, we’ll be helping you to have an even more dazzling look by giving you a choice of our best-selling color contact lenses to compliment that incredible make-up.

Here’s how you can enter our #CrazyBeautifulEyes competition

In case you’re feeling stuck, here is some #crazybeautiful inspiration and don’t worry if you don’t have a blog – you can try these looks out for the party season!


@ItslikeleyMakeup creates her absolutely stunning and alternative looks by just using one pair of color contacts, making her eyes two completely contrasting colors! Pairing that with lots of glitter and big, thick lashes is a sure fire way of grabbing attention and dazzling everyone you know.


@jessijaybeauty keeps it simply with thick black eyeliner, creating a cat-eye almond flick and contrasting lipstick. The real show-stopper is her eyes, using the sapphire three tone contacts for this strikingly beautiful look.


@jessicadelvinotis is such a talented make-up artist. Her abstract looks had us amazed over Halloween, but she really knows how to rock stunning party eye make-up. By pairing dazzling eyeshadows, expert liner application with her striking color contact lenses, Jessica is an incredible make-up artist and definitely one to watch for inspiration!

Who are your favourite make-up artists to follow on Instagram and Youtube? Let us know who you’d most like to see doing a contact lenses tutorial in the comments below!

To grab your color contacts for this year’s party season, click here.