Halloween 2017 is going to be the best night of the year. You already know that, we already know that and unfortunately our purses know that too. Buying costumes, make-up and accessories can all add up to make it a pretty expensive night but you can easily make a banging Halloween costume without breaking the bank.

DIY Halloween costumes are a great way of saving money, but you just because you’re making the costume yourself that doesn’t mean it can’t easily be awesome. In fact, DIY Halloween costume ideas are all the rage on Pinterest and Youtube, with hundreds of creative ways to look scary, spooky and sexy to boot.

In fact, wouldn’t you agree that most major celebrities do DIY Halloween costumes every year? Heidi Klum is the best example of this, with her consistently extraordinary choices ranging from old lady to Krishna!

Another celebrity look we love is Kylie Jenner, who this year channelled her inner Drrty girl by dressing as Christina Aguilera. So, whatever your budget for Halloween 2017, you can create an amazing look using just the basics; make-up and halloween contact lenses.

DIY Zombie

If money is tight, don’t worry! There’s hundreds of ways you can create an awesome Halloween look on a budget. One of the best and simplest looks to do is a zombie. It’s everything you want from a Halloween costume; scary, effective and super simple to make.

All you need to make the best Zombie ever is:

DIY Witch

Another awesome and easy Halloween costume to do on a budget is a scary witch. You can really stop people in the tracks with some super scary eyes to glare at them with!

All you need to be an evil witch is:

DIY witch halloween costume

You - but blind

Sounds simple, but what could be scarier at Halloween than a blind version of you?! Hands down that would be the worst case scenario and it definitely appeals to your lazy side - right? Either way, it’s simple and cheap to do.

All you need for a blind person look is:

DIY Vampire

Channel your inner Bella or Edward and be a newborn Vampire for Halloween this year. You can either be an old school ancient vampire with an elaborate costume, or you could be a sneaky and sexy modern day vampire with a cute outfit, some fangs and spooky red eyes.

All you need for a DIY Vampire is:

DIY Schoolgirl

Not all heroes wear capes. And not all Halloween costumes have to be super scary. You can channel your inner Regina George and treat Halloween as the one night of the year you can dress like a slut and get away with it.

The number one choice for this HAS to be naughty school girl, which is the ultimate DIY Halloween costume.

All you need for naughty schoolgirl is:

Dead Bride

If you want to be scary and elegant as well as budget friendly, then why not go as a dead bride this year?

All you need is:

  • A long white dress
  • White face paint
  • Black Contact lenses
  • Or White contact lenses
  • Black lipstick & (white wig optional)
  • Cat

    The classic Cat costume is a classic for a reason. It’s simple and budget friendly. So whether you’re a witches cat, luxurious white cat or a tiger. It’s easy to do a DIY cat for Halloween this year.

    All you need is: