They say the eyes are the gateway to the soul. So this Halloween let your eyes say more than your mouth and transport yourself from zero to hero with our colored contact lenses. The most popular color last year was white, and it’s hardly surprising when you think about how versatile they are, helping you achieve so many different looks, anything from a sexy ghost to a dead blind guy.

Whether you're going all out or want a quick and easy transformation, here's our complete guide to how and why you should be sporting white contact lenses this Hallows Eve.

white halloween contact lenses

What are the different types of white contact lenses?

We stock over 40 different styles of white lenses which fall into the following three categories;


Mesh contact lenses cover your iris and pupil with a white grid-like pattern, instantly creating an eerie look by giving the illusion that there is no pupil (a ‘whiteout’ effect). Fear not if your eyes are naturally quite dark, this will just create more of a grey result than white (but very much still creepy). This lends itself perfectly to so many Halloween looks, for example make a statement with our freaky blind white lense.

white mesh blind contact lenses

These are great if you know a talented mua, but if you’re on a budget or perhaps you’re more beauty than spooky, then do your make-up sexy and just add some crazy lenses, et voila! This effortlessly turns any fancy dress outfit into hardcore Halloween.

A show-stopping variation on the blind lense is the UV version which looks insane under UV light, adding an extra demonic feel to your guise.

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Block lenses have a solid block of color which, when worn, sits over your iris changing the color of your eyes completely (in this instance to white), while the hole over your pupil allows you to see pretty much as normal (expect maybe a 5-10% loss in vision).

Block lenses produce a really sinister look, for instance the sclera lense makes you look totally possessed without the black ring around the outside of the iris. Roll with this theme and opt for an undead corpse that’s been infected.

If you dare to scare, use sclera lenses to recreate this original witch doctor look by beautybyjosiek.

Or if you prefer an easier option then why not embrace this dead bride look with glamorous make-up, lashings of fake blood and our white zombie contact lense.

Other than the sclera, one of our most popular block lenses is the (Marilyn) Manson lense which adds instant psycho from the outer black ring. Channel your inner goth and create a dramatic look with heavy eye make-up, pale foundation and black lips.

Other types of block lenses ideal for Halloween can be found on the crazylenses website, including UV styles. We love the lunatic lense for creating this evil clown look – simple but striking!

Top tip: Swap your blusher for over the top contouring to create a ghostly and gaunt effect.

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This style of lense incorporates a detailed pattern in the area that sits over the iris, leaving a hole for your pupil free to see out as normal. This gives the option for endless looks, from deranged animals using the blood spatter lense to a dead Alice in Wonderland with the tick tock contacts.

white zombie contact lenses

If you’d prefer to ramp up the make-up why not slay in this amazing space queen look by kimberleymargarita for more of a wow factor this Halloween. We love how ethereal but also eerie this is, you can recreate it using host lenses.

Patterned lenses really lend themselves to having a bit more fun with your outfit. Whether you want gore (‘insta 13’ @eva.lamorte), glam (‘insta 14’ @glassjawbabe) (caption: we love this cosmic look which can easily be mimicked by skipping the startling make-up) or if you just want to look crazy good (‘insta 15’ @armageddonpainted), we have the perfect Halloween lense to make you look amazing.

Top tip: Why not try putting a different lense in each eye for super weird?

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Are colored contact lenses safe & easy to put in?

If you’ve never tried contact lenses before they can be a bit daunting. Or maybe you have and you didn’t get on with them. Let us reassure you at Crazy Lenses all our products are FDA approved, are made from a soft material which you barely notice once in.

You may find the same lense slightly cheaper elsewhere but ours are manufactured in the UK and have 38% water content ensuring eyes stay hydrated while in the eye whereas others may dry out.

Think they’re too good to wear on just one night of the year? Most of our lenses come with the option to buy for either one or 90 days.

With over 30 million people in the U.S wearing contact lenses what are you waiting for? Shop now

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