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Buy Non-Prescription Brown Contact Lenses Online

Looking for a pair of non-prescription brown contact lenses? Whether you are looking to replicate the natural brown eyes of A-Listers such as Jessica Alba, Penélope Cruz, and Halle Berry, or add the finishing touches to a Twilight cosplay with a pair of our bestselling New Generation contact lenses, we’ve got you covered.

With a large subset of colors falling under the umbrella of brown, there are plenty of options to choose from. These include; chocolate brown (blue, yellow, and red with a hint of black) honey (orange and brown), chestnut (medium reddish shade of brown), beige (light-grayish yellowish-brown), and hazel (blend of brown, green, and gold).

Manufactured in the UK as sterile and soft Polymacon lenses, our brown color contacts have a 38% water content which ensures optimum comfort and durability. Furthermore, they are printed with approved dye and have a clear circular pupil to ensure your vision isn’t obscured during use. Packaged in pairs, they come in lifespans ranging from daily disposable to 12-month reusable.