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Transform yourself into a mythical beast with a pair of non-prescription dragon contact lenses. Typically round with black vertical pupils, and similar in design to cat eye contacts, our extensive range of dragon contacts can be used to replicate the eyes of dragons and anthro-dragons based on mythical as well as modern media-derived depictions. A must-have addition to dragon cosplay whether you are off to Dragon Con, Comi Con, or any similar event, they can also be used in FX makeup transformations for video, TV, and movie productions.

The product of centuries-old folklore, dragons are typically portrayed as large and muscular fire-breathing creatures with scales, horns, and sometimes wings. Prevalent in almost all cultures including Chinese, Korean, African, Egyptian, and English, dragon-inspired creatures have subsequently featured extensively in cartoons, feature films, video games, and books.

Available in a range of colours including red, white, black, grey, blue, and green, our extensive range of dragon contacts includes designs that can be used to replicate many of these characters. For example, our bestselling green dragon contact lenses can be used to replicate the vibrant green eyes of Toothless from 2010’s How To Train Your Dragon or even Maleficent when depicted as a dragon in Walt Disney’s 1959 animated rendition of Sleeping Beauty. Meanwhile, our yellow cat eyes can be used to replicate the eyes of Grim Gnasher from Dragons: Race of the Edge, and aqua cat contacts for the eyes of legendary dragon-like Pokemon Charizard.

Dragon contact lenses with a round pupil

Aside from our vertical pupiled dragon contacts, we also have many circular pupiled designs in our cosplay contacts range that can be used as dragon eyes. Some popular options include emerald green which is a perfect match for the eyes of Spike from My Little Pony and red block for the eyes of Ember, also from My Little Pony, or even Black Smoke Shenron from the Drago Ball series.

Manufactured in the UK, our non-prescription (plano) dragon coloured contacts are of a high-quality polymacon-based construction and have a 38% water content to ensure great comfort and durability. Featuring hand-printed designs, they are packaged in sterile isotonic solution-filled blisters or vials and sold in pairs with a lifespan of between 1 day and 12 calendar months. Meanwhile, our dragon contact lenses also come with a recommended wear time of up to eight consecutive hours.