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Purple Contact Lenses & Natural Violet Contacts

Looking for a pair of bright purple contact lenses or natural violet eyes? Made popular by the Bratz Doll makeup challenge of 2019. But also the existence of popular purple-eyed cosplays like Disney’s Princess Aurora and The Vorta race from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, non-prescription purple contacts are ideal for beauty makeups, fashion shows, cosplays, and Halloween alike.

Purple contacts for the Bratz makeup challenge

Despite being several years since it went viral, the aforementioned Bratz makeup challenge remains a popular theme among beauty influencers. If you’re homing in on characters Breeana and Lina, you will find plenty of purple coloured contacts to choose from. Equally, if you’re looking to buy violet contacts to recreate the eyes of Daphnie, Carrie, Polita, and Sharidan, you will be spoiled for choice.