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Designed to accurately replicate the distinctive diamond-shaped vertical pupils (also known as slited pupils or hellish pupils) of real-life cat eyes, our reusable cat eye contact lenses are available in a plethora of colors and styles. Great for cosplaying characters like Cheshire Cat and Nagini, or for MUAs looking to take the cat eye makeup trend to the next level. You might even consider pairing them with a classic black cat costume or devil makeup at Halloween.

Stand out with Cosplay and Halloween cat eye contacts

Available as solid red, white, green, and yellow cat eye contacts, we also stock lizard eyes and dragon contacts with slited pupils. We even have a plethora of movie-inspired contact lenses with vertical pupils. Examples of these include our Harry potter inspired orange Nagini Contacts (orange cat eye), and Lord of the Ring’s inspired Sauron Eye Contacts. Meanwhile, our Aqua cat’s eyes provide a pixel-perfect replication of the eyes of Cheshire Cat when depicted in 2010's Alice In Wonderland movie. They also have a great resemblance to the aqua-blue lizard-like eyes of the Garenonian Regents race in the 2012 sci-fi film Battleship.