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Love the oceanic tones of aqua? Temporarily enhance or alter your natural eye colour with a pair of non-prescription aqua contact lenses. Featuring various shades of aqua (light blue with a hint of green), turquoise, teal (greenish-blue), cyan, and mint, our extensive range of aqua coloured contact lenses incorporates nature-replicating designs as well as various character-specific designs for use in cosplay or at Halloween.

Generally categorised under blue, and mostly seen in Scandinavians, aqua eyes are among the rarest of all naturally occurring eye colours. Said to evoke feelings of reinvigoration, youth, and dreaminess, aqua is a spectral colour that sits between blue and green. Inspired by the colour of water, it is also a colour family that incorporates a variety of blues and greens.

Natural Aqua Contact Lenses

Designed to replicate gorgeous naturally occurring aqua eyes, our natural aqua coloured contact lenses are available in our revolutionary one, two, and three-tone prints. The one-tone option has been designed for people with lightish eyes who are looking to achieve a subtle aqua eye enhancement. Meanwhile, at the other end of the spectrum, and if you are looking for a pair of aqua contact lenses for dark eyes, our striking three-tone blend provides a complete aqua eye colour transformation that is suitable for the darkest of eyes. Featuring a blend of three different shades of aqua, this option also has a darker more defined limbal ring.

Aqua contacts for cosplay

Aside from our natural aqua designs, we also stock a vast selection of aqua cosplay contacts. For example, our Aqua cat eye contact lenses are often used to replicate the vertical pupiled aqua eyes of Cheshire Cat from Alice In Wonderland (2010) as well as Sephiroth from Final Fantasy 7. Meanwhile, other popular designs from this category include Glamour Aqua which can be used to replicate the eyes of superhero Shoto Todoroki from the My Hero Academia manga.

UK-manufactured daily disposable and reusable aqua contact lenses

Our non-prescription aqua coloured contacts, also known as plano or 0.00 are manufactured in the United Kingdom (England) from medical-grade polmacon and feature vibrant hand-printed designs. Soft, lightweight, and extremely durable, they have a 38% water content and are packaged and sold as pairs in daily disposable form as well as in lifespans of up to 12 months.