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Vampire contact lenses

Born out of Eastern European folk lore and feared for centuries, vampires have long been associated with gothic culture and Halloween. Now, thanks to our bloodcurdling range of cheap vampire contact lenses, you can take your vampire costume to a whole new level of awesomeness without breaking the bank, ensuring you stand out among a crowd of pale skinned, fang wielding, blood-drinking killers whatever the occasion.

Vampire movie contacts

Movie inspired vampire contact lenses are among our all-time bestselling Halloween contact lenses and there’s a whole plethora of designs to choose from. For example, we have Black Mini Sclera Contact Lenses for 30 Days of Night recreations and I-Glow Red Contact Lenses for Van Helsing. For the Twilight obsessed, we have a dedicated and extensive range of Twilight contact lenses.

Aside from Halloween, our vampire contacts are popular among cosplayers, alternative models and those interested in gothic culture. They are also great for vampire conventions and are often used in high-profile vampire themed TV and movie productions.