Most natural colored contact lenses are designed to mimic the iris of the eye. The iris (colored part of the eye) is often not just one solid colour and is instead made up of a variety of shapes, lines and dots. It’s one of the reasons Crazylenses offers one, two and three toned lenses so giving a natural look.

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Though wearing colored contacts makes a big difference to your eye color, the best results will vary depending on what your natural eye colour is. In this post, we will have a look at what colors work best for your eyes.

Non prescription (plano) colored contact lenses normally come in three categories: visibility tints, opaque tints and enhancer tints and it is generally believed that if you have dark colored eyes you should go for opaque colored lenses.

Opaque lenses will completely block out your original colour, whereas if you have light colored eyes you could choose enhancer lenses which will bring out the colors of your eyes and add more definition.


What are best color contact lenses to wear if you have brown eyes?

If you have brown or dark colored eyes you should choose opaque contacts as these will totally cover your original color and give you a completely new tint. Here's our tips for the following color lenses:



If you do have brown eyes, trying out blue contacts is a popular color choice. But what can you expect?

If you naturally have dark brown eyes and choose light blue contacts then the end result will be of a dark blue eye. When you add a bright blue contact to a light brown or hazel coloured eye the result would be of a sea blue eye.



Green contact lenses worn over brown eyes can have a striking look but the end result can vary depending


What are best color contact lenses to wear if you have blue eyes?

The blue of your eyes may vary from light blue to deep sapphire and it is not uncommon for people to choose a different shade of blue for their contacts which will intensify the blue in their eyes.

Indeed if you have light colored eyes it is thought that up to 70-80% of people choose enhancement colored lenses to brighten or subtly change their look.

For a dramatically different look we would recommend trying a light brown or grey color.


What are best color contact lenses to wear if you have green eyes?

There is some debate whether green eyes are considered to be light or dark coloured eyes with some thinking that they are essentially brown with fat molecules around the iris.

Good colors to wear if you have green eyes include light honey browns or hazels. However for a bolder style try opaque tints in blue or violet.

Skin color can also be a factor in how colored contact lenses will look on you so if you have dark or olive skin are there any colours you should avoid?


What are best color contact lenses to wear for my skin tone?

Yellow based skin tones

If you have a warm yellow based skin tone choose caramel, honey or hazel hues. Yellow pigmented or light brown contacts will make you look ‘washed out’


Olive and/or tanned skin tones

Create a striking look with three-tone contacts. We recommend choosing grey or green colors to really make your eyes pop.


Dark Skintones

The whites of your eyes will appear very defined if you are a dark skin tone and we would therefore recommend choosing contacts which blend well and have a soft limbal ring (outer ring of the eye). Our big dolly violet lenses or three tone green lenses work perfectly.


Have you thought about the color of your hair?

If you have black or very dark hair we would consider going for a light colored contact such as a pale blue or grey whereas hazel eyes would go perfectly with brown hair.

If your hair is blonde then you have the pick of the bunch as pretty much any color will look good on you. However popular choices include blue or green. Green eyes and red hair is a match made in heaven so if you are a ginger go for a green eyed look.

Other factors that may affect your choice in colored contacts is the type of make- up you wear and even the color of your clothes.


So what areas should you consider when you are choosing your natural colored contact lenses?

What is your natural eye colour?

Having light or dark colored eyes may affect how your contacts will look when wearing them.


Skin Tone

Black, white, hispanic, asian…consider the tones and pigments in your skin before choosing your colored contacts. Blondes and brunettes may have the same color contacts but how they look may differ as a result of their hair colours.



The color of the eye shadow may clash or it may blend in with your contact lenses so you may want to consider your palette before choosing contacts…or you could just go and buy more make- up.



Avoid fashion faux-pas and make your contact lenses a stylish outfit accessory.


Bold or subtle look

We’ve looked at a variety of different factors and how they can impact on your overall look especially in the case of eye, skin and hair colors. Now its up to you; do you want to stand out from the crows with a striking new look or choose a more subtle look with contact lenses that coordinate with your coloring.