1st November is always a sad time for us at crazylenses HQ with another 364 days until our next favorite night of the year. Until we check our social media and remember we get to pore over the spectacle that is the nails and fails of the previous night in celeb land – every year they go hard or they go home; so here’s a quick roundup of some of our favorites:

If you want to kill it like bad gal Rhi Rhi and show that you can make any costume attractive (even a turtle!) then you need to concentrate on the eyes and go sultry and smoky. Rhianna often wears colored contact lenses for that instant transformation so keep it natural too with our big eye dolly hazel lense.
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bad gal Rhi Rhi

This is one reason we love Ed Sheeran – he’s so laid back and never takes himself too seriously. Have fun this Halloween by mixing a cute outfit with a menacing face – this look is so easy to recreate with our white contact lense, some fake blood and face powder.
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Ed Sheeran's killer hallowen costume

If you want to ooze sex appeal this Halloween like Harry Styles then opt for a moody skeleton. This is always a popular theme because it instantly demands attention, somehow looking scary and seductive at the same time. It’s all in the contouring so get yourself a decent makeup artist but top your look with our blind white lenses.
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Halloween like Harry Styles and dress as a skeleton

Hats (and clothes) off to Jade from Little Mix for absolutely rocking this skin-tight Mystique from X-Men costume. If you dare to bare and want to recreate then we recommend our yellow cats eye lense for a sinister finish.
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Jade from Little Mix as Mystique from Xmen

Channel your inner vamp like the gorgeous Katy Perry with our red out lense – somehow even with the eyes and the teeth she still looks more stunning than spine chilling!
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Katy Perry as evil red riding hood

Own the night by recreating Megan McKenna’s regal lion look with loads of gold glitter, exaggerated back-combing and our fusion violet and grey lense. Another option is our glimmer black and gold lense which really make your eyes sparkle and will undoubtedly turn heads.
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Megan McKenna’s regal lion look

As Halloween costumes go you can’t get much foxier than reality TV Star’s Olivia Buckland’s! Our big eye evening grey lense are perfect if you want a sassy but natural eye if they’re not as dark as Olivia’s. Have fun getting the rest of the outfit sorted!
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Olivia Buckland foxy Halloween look

We’re obsessed with any Halloween costume where you can’t tell who it is. Little Mix’s Perry has totally nailed this cheetah outfit with cobra lenses (and a little help from her mua!) Swap your brown contouring palette for an orange one and over exaggerate the paler tones around the mouth and under the eyes.
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Little Mix’s Perry as a Cheeta

Simon Pegg looks freakishly good from his combination of fake teeth and mini sclera white lenses. The rest of the outfit is a piece of cake just choose some clothes you don’t wear anymore, rip them up and add lashings of fake blood. Not one for if you’re on the pull.
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Simon Pegg looking scray as hell

Who knew tissue paper could look so good?! This dead mummy costume looks incredible on model Iman Chanel and would be so fun to recreate at home with a friend. Turn heads like Iman with our spooky ice blue lense. And that’s a wrap!
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Iman Chanel as a sexy dead mummy