Welcome to the Crazy Lenses blog! Tips, Ideas and Inspiration for how to wear your colored contacts and halloween contact lenses are all here.

  1. A Crazy 2017...

    A Crazy 2017...

    It turns out that 2017 was an amazing year for creativity, as we undoubtedly saw some of our favourite looks ever by you guys! Here' are our favourites all packed together in an end-of-year montage.

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  2. Your Halloween Looks Of 2017

    Your Halloween Looks Of 2017

    We loved your looks for Halloween this year. Yeah you guys absolutely smashed it with your outrageous, spooky and downright genius outfits! It’s safe to say that Pennywise from IT, Game of Thrones and zombies were the big hits of Halloween 2017. White contact lenses were once again our best sellers thanks to their versatility in creating a ridiculously creepy look and going with any outfit… They’re the kind of contacts you don’t even need to get dressed up with to be utterly horrifying! Here are some of our favourite looks from Halloween 2017. Which ones do you like best?

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  3. Disney Villains Halloween Inspo

    Disney Villains Halloween Inspo

    As the saying goes, the devil has all the best tunes. We think the devil also has some of the best outfits, which is especially true when it comes to Disney films and their antagonists...

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  4. Top 10 Celebrity Halloween Costumes

    Top 10 Celebrity Halloween Costumes

    1st November is always a sad time for us at crazylenses HQ with another 364 days until our next favorite night of the year. Until we check our social media and remember we get to pore over the spectacle that is the nails and fails of the previous night in celeb land – every year they go hard or they go home; so here’s a quick roundup of some of our favorites...

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  5. Halloween 2017 Inspo

    Halloween 2017 Inspo

    As we officially say hello to Autumn, we can finally say that Halloween is next month! With the countdown to the best night of the year well and truly underway, we’re celebrating by picking 20 of our favourite inspirational looks. The problem is... you can only pick one...

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  6. Our Top 10 Halloween Make-Up Instagrammers For 2017

    Our Top 10 Halloween Make-Up Instagrammers For 2017

    Halloween is like our Christmas Day. We’re not gonna lie, it’s probably more exciting for us than Christmas now we’re actual grown-ups because, well Halloween of course...

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  7. How To Throw The BEST Halloween Party EVER

    How To Throw The BEST Halloween Party EVER

    Staying in is the new going out and that’s why this year, we’re all over the trend of throwing a wild and crazy Halloween party for 2017. We all know that Halloween is the best party night of the year, so you don’t want to mess around in throwing the ultimate Halloween fest that could give Coachella a run for its money...

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  8. DIY Halloween Costume Inspo

    DIY Halloween Costume Inspo

    Halloween 2017 is going to be the best night of the year. You already know that, we already know that and unfortunately our purses know that too. Buying costumes, make-up and accessories can all add up to make it a pretty expensive night but you can easily make a banging Halloween costume without breaking the bank...

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  9. Why you should choose white eye contact lenses this Halloween

    Why you should choose white eye contact lenses this Halloween

    We’re already looking forward to Halloween 2017, because the party of the year is something everyone wants to be ready for. We saw some amazing inspiration from MUAs and bloggers in the run up to Halloween last year and as we expected, white out lenses were the number 1 choice for your scary costumes and make up looks...

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  10. All About Our #CrazyBeautifulEyes Compeition

    All About Our #CrazyBeautifulEyes Compeition

    Since we launched the Crazy Lenses website, we’ve been so inspired by the amazing photos and videos we’ve been tagged in from our customers...

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