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Blackout contact lenses

Blackout contact lenses are an all time favourite among Halloween revellers looking to take their costume up a notch. At Crazy Lenses, we stock a huge range, incorporating numerous designs that can be used to effortlessness replicate the look of key characters from some of Hollywood’s most acclaimed horror movies.

For example, our black mini scleras lenses are great for replicating the look of Michael Myers from the 2018 rendition of Halloween. Meanwhile, blackout lenses can also be used to create a whole host of zombie, vampier, slasher and gory FX looks.

Giving the appearance of a completely blacked out pupil and iris, our blackout lenses are also popular outside the genre of Halloween and are often worn as a fashion accessory. big big names such as Marilyn Manson and The Darkness have undoubtedly made them popular among fans of alternative fashion, rock, indie and gothic culture.